Laser Shower Power Twin +21

Laser Shower Power Twin +21


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Many indications, such as wounds and injuries, back problems, hot spots, discopathies, post-operative care as well as preventive and aftercare physical therapy require the extended area application of laser light with high laser density. The Laser Shower PowerTwin +21 was specially developed for extended area applications. Thanks to 21 laser diodes working simultaneously, fairly large areas can be covered homogenously. This optimizes the effect of the laser and also saves time.

Hair reflects radiation – a problem that is difficult to overcome for conventional laser systems. The PowerTwin + 21 surmounts this barrier in an innovative way by using an exchangeable comb adapter. The laser light is conducted through the fur directly onto the skin with 21 upstream fiber-optics,  thus optimizing the impact of the laser at precisely those places where others are forced to give up.

Especially in veterinary medicine, the laser comb is an indispensable tool for effective therapy applications.

The laser shower PowerTwin 21+ can be set individually for special applications. Treatment dose, mode of operation as well as therapy time are shown on the colour display. In addition to the CW (continuous wave) mode of operation and the tried-and-tested multi-frequency spectrum, other frequency programmes (such as Nogier, Bahr, and Reininger frequencies) are already preset. Additional frequencies may be freely chosen and programmed using 20 memory locations.

Now also with FI (frequency-integrated) bands. Automatically running preset special frequencies. A booklet with sample indications is supplied. Ideally suited for laser field therapy or laser frequency therapy.

PowerTwin 21+ total diode output 2,100 mW (21 x 100 mW)

A PowerBank is available for working off-grid.

  • 21 laser diodes irradiate simultaneously an area of 8.5 square inches (55 cm2 ) with highest laser density
  • Unlimited mobility thanks to direct connection to the grid (100 V–240 V ~)
  • Four red light diodes delimit the treatment area
  • Laser power can be set
  • Changeable fixture with integrated protective glass
  • CW, multi-frequency, Nogier, Bahr, Reininger frequencies
  • Frequencies can be freely selected
  • Color display
  • Can be retrofitted from laser shower into a laser comb by flipping a switch
  • Optional power station for working off-grid


Orthopaedic indications are among the ones most frequently mentioned in connection with LLLT. This is also the field with the most clinical studies on the effects of LLLT. Pain conditions of the musculoskeletal system are often associated with inflammations, restricted mobility, muscle tension, and/or muscle weakness. LLLT can have a positive effect on these symptoms, too, which in many orthopaedic ailments not only translates into an added benefit but is part and parcel of the healing process.

There are strong indications that the treatment success in orthopaedic ailments is strongly dependent on the proper dosage of LLLT. The “therapeutic window of dosage” – that is to say, the range of dosage within which the therapy is effective – is much more clearly defined than, say, in the treatment of wounds that respond more “generously” to a therapy with respect to individual dosage, treatment cycle, etc. The indications also refer to the minimum dosage, which in this case is higher than, e.g., in the therapy of wounds or dermatological damage.