Laser Acupuncture Pen 500 W, 808 nm; infrared


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After the successful market launch of this application method took place more than a decade ago, the laser pen LA-X P500 has become the ultimate technological reference.

From providing the option of setting existing frequency programs and frequencies which can be freely chosen, all the way to conducting high-definition searches for acupuncture points, this unit literally hands the therapist an optimum spectrum of modern laser therapy.

The laser pen LA-X P500 is suitable for small areas and specific point laser therapy – especially the treatment of pain, trigger, and acupuncture points.

  • 808 nm – 200 mW or 808 nm – 500 mW – other power settings and wavelengths upon request
  • Laser parameters can be set
  • Types of operation: CW, multi-frequency, all standard frequency series pre-programmed
  • Frequencies can be programmed anywhere from 0.1 up to 9.999Hz
  • Automatic calculation of the therapy time when the dose has been pre-selected
  • Acoustic signal every 20 seconds plus triple sound signal when the unit is turned off (acoustic signal may also be deactivated)
  • Simple user instructions for setting/retrieving the parameters
  • Graphics display of the values
  • Memory function of the values which were saved last
  • Laser therapy is turned on manually or automatically
  • Illuminated, graphic display showing all laser parameters
  • Safety lock (safety pin)
  • Metal case and goggles provided