April 11 2017.

Monrovia, California, USA.

We're happy to announce, that Lasers4Horses is now representing and distributing the German made MKW Power Twin 21 Laser Shower, MKW Laser Pen and Training laser books. Our offices are located in Monrovia, California, USA. 

Equine laser therapy is an effective, drug-free alternative for reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process.

30 years of MKW laser systems

Innovative Light

Laser therapy is applied or abscesses, pain therapy as well as indications in the musculoskeletal system so as to speed up the healing process or set defective healing processes in motion.

These are insights, results, certainties, but also hopes on which MKW Lasersystem has based its by now 30-year-old success story. “The history of MKW is closely linked with the developments in the field of laser light”, explains managing director Uwe Kirchenbauer. “We started from scratch and over the years have been able to considerably advance the therapeutic success of laser light with our innovations.”

Large-scale and with pinpoint accuracy

  • MKW was the first laser system manufacturer to launch a laser shower on the market as early as 1988, which gave the young company from Baden-Baden a grand entry into the therapy scene (complementary and conventional medicine). Fourteen laser diodes that were active simultaneously could in fact laser-treat large areas and were therefore more effective.
  • Two years later MKW managed to set an- other milestone: the laser comb became a “hit” especially in the field of veterinary medicine. Finally it was possible also to apply laser diodes in thick fur. Accordingly, the market segment of veterinary medicine became important for MKW over the next few years.

A small side benefit: the laser comb also created a sensation in the field of hair and scalp cosmetics ...

  • In the early 1990s MKW launched the first multi acupuncture laser system. It represented a new application method in acupuncture, which in 1999 was even enthusiastically accepted in China in the form of the LA-X laser pen (which finds acupuncture points on its own).

MKW Lasersystem continued to launch successful products on the laser technology market in the new millennium. “We are in a constant development process”, ex- plains Mathias Mink. “Our innovations and our know-how are by now applied al- most over the entire globe. Accordingly, we often receive positive feedback from different areas of application in complementary and conventional medicine.”

By now MKW Lasersystem had moved to Baden-Baden-Sinzheim, and co-founder Gerda Walker had left the company.
The next few years were for the most part marked by successes in terms of acceptance. With their exemplary laser units, Mink and Kirchenbauer managed to be included in nearly all textbooks on low-level laser technology, which moreover were often translated into a number of foreign languages. MKW laser systems were selected as the research basis for numerous studies, and more and more practitioners in the fields of conventional, alternative, and veterinary medicine chose MKW laser systems for their therapy treatments.

MKW Laser Shower Power Twin

Trendsetting innovations

  • In 2005 MKW expanded its network by entering into an exclusive partnership with the software specialist Livetec. The first MKW products were created for OEM customers.
  • In 2009 MKW enjoyed major communi- cation successes on television and in the national press at the world’s largest medi- cal trade fair, MEDICA in Düsseldorf. Using 21 laser diodes, the world novelty “Laser Shower Power Twin” makes possible laser applications on the largest areas ever per- formed anywhere in the world – a mile- stone for the user-friendly application of laser technology.

PowerTwin for dogs

  • The year 2013 made MKW history mainly because of a success in the export department: the first laser unit developed by MKW was approved in the USA. In China, the country with the arguably most frequent application of acupuncture meth- ods, the approval of MKW units is imminent. By now MKW laser systems are also employed in the Arab countries.

“In the medium to long term, however, the simple fact that we are now also building low-level laser systems for other companies will be of special significance for MKW”, Uwe Kirchenbauer points out. The so-called OEM customers order premium products from MKW in order to market them under their own labels. “This consol- idates our image in the field”, emphasizes Mathias Mink. “And it helps to spread our laser technology as quickly as possible throughout the world!”

Incidentally, the German Patent Office in Munich has issued utility patents of the laser comb, the multi acupuncture system as well as the laser pen with automatic point search.

A total of 40,000 MKW laser systems are currently already in use in many fields of medicine and complementary medicine on all major continents. “This is the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream”, Mink and Kirchenbauer state in unison. “In addition to the economic success, low-level laser systems from MKW are now enjoying ever greater acceptance among physicians, therapists, and specialists in alter- native medicine all over the world. This is the most wonderful motivation for us to press for further innovations and even more professional know-how, which we will be pleased to pass on!”

Pete Foss

“Light is the source of life.”                                                  

Thirty years ago MKW Laser- system, a company based in central Baden, southern Germany, built its future on this biological certainty.

A trend-setting manufacturer of low-level laser systems on the inter- national scene, MKW has supplied hospitals and clinics, rehabilitation centers and doctor’s offices specializing in different fields of human and veterinary medicine over the past three decades. Thousands of MKW users are a fact that speaks for itself – and for the large degree of acceptance this therapy option enjoys among representatives of alternative and complementary medicine.

We are all familiar with the situation and have experienced it just like this or in a similar way: you meet people on a special occasion and realize that joint interests can connect you with someone, and that enthusiasm for a project can bundle ener- gies and synergies – in other words, you notice that excitement is infectious.

This “bundling of energies” can even be taken literally in the case of Mathias Mink, Uwe Kirchenbauer, and Gerda Walker, the founders of MKW Lasersystem. When they witnessed low-level laser systems at work for the first time in the mid-1980s, they instantly recognized their potential for human and veterinary medicine. With their company, which had been founded on 23 February 1984, the three had up until then still been dealing with medical-technical equipment for orthopedics.

Fascinated by the idea of achieving therapeutic success with bundled light in the human and animal organism, the three entrepreneurial spirits at MKW plunged into their own personal laser adventure and had the first MKW low-level laser proto- types built. Which in turn created quite a sensation on the medical and alternative-medical scene at that time.

Success with light

“Naturally, back then we couldn’t conceive of the resounding success we were going to have with MKW laser systems”, reminisces MKW’s managing director Mathias Mink today, certainly not without a touch of pride. “It did gradually dawn on us and the much-quoted lights came on – but we still had no clue as to the therapeutic and economic potential of the first MKW laser systems!”

In point of fact, many of the areas of application of low-level laser systems which are standard today were only developed with the help of innovations from MKW. Over the past 30 years, low-level laser systems have made astounding technical advances, offering better and better therapeutic possibilities.

Studies in complementary medicine have demonstrated that therapy with laser light can have a positive impact on the energy balance of body cells, improve micro- circulation, and moreover stimulate important functional physical processes. When used professionally, the bundled light can be employed as a therapy option of complementary medicine to help with wound management, inflammatory process.